At Karagombe Hunting, we uphold stringent ethical standards in our hunting practices. Our trophy hunting methodology primarily involves spot and stalk techniques, although hunting from a stand or through tracking are also available options. Our expansive grounds boast abundant plains game, notably eland, oryx, hartebeest, and various predator species.

hunting season

Hunting Season

Trophy hunting season spans from February 1st to November 30th, offering optimal hunting conditions.

hunting weapons


Visitors are permitted to bring their own rifles to Namibia, although we also provide rental firearms in various calibers such as .308, .30-06, and 9.3x62. No hunting license is necessary for our approximately 60,000-hectare terrain at Karagombe Hunting.



Light hunting hat, cap, hunting shirts. The months from May to August it is quite cold in the mornings and evenings. Warm clothing is advised for this period, warm jacket and gloves as well as good socks.